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Diono Radian R100 Review

Diono Radian R100 Review

Diono Radian R100


– Very high weight and height ratings
– Slim design fits three in a backseat
– Tether works either rear- or front-facing
– Attractive Design
– Comfortable
– Compact
– Easy to Assemble
– Sturdy


– Can be difficult to install
– Harness, straps can be difficult to adjust
– Heavy

The car seat ranked number three on the top three-list of convertible car seats is the RadianR100 produced by Dino. It is one of the best convertible car seats because it is made with a solid steal frame which protects your baby from injuries in case of a car accident.

For additional safety Dino Radian R100 is made with aluminum reinforced sides and energy-absorbing harness. It can be installed in two ways, rear and back facing as all of the car seats on the market. If you are not sure about the safety of the car seat we can assure you that the seat had been tasted by professionals and it meets the Federal crash standard as well as NCAP standards which are to verify the performance of the car seat in severe accident situations. It’s been tested at the maximum weight rear-facing and back-facing also booster and it has been rated for ten years of life.

Diono Radian R100 Review

Another very big advantage of this car seat is that it can be made into a booster seat if your child grows up bust still needs a seat in the car to travel. The rear facing position is available from 5 to 40 pounds the forward facing position is good for children weighing 20 to 65 pounds while the booster seat can be used up to 100 pounds.

Your little one can feel really cozy in Dino Radian R100 from a very early age. It has a deep shell which makes the car seat very comfortable and it has a plush cloth surface which making the journey more enjoyable for kids. Leg support is also the part of the high quality convenience the seat owns. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, you can have a big SUV or jeep but this excellent car seat is perfect for smaller cars. It is slightly more than 200 hundred dollars but the very durable so where there are more children planned to be born it’s the best choice ever. And what’s more, this convertible car seat is narrow enough to be put 3 of them side by side, and it is a very big advantage for big families having 3 children who are not old or tall enough to be seated in the normal seats of the car

The SuperLATCH connectors are well tested for crashes up to the maximum weight of rear facing and forward facing positions. Cars equipped with LATCH connectors the seat can be installed in an easy and convenient way, moreover its rubber bottom part makes it impossible to move on the surface of the car seat while travelling.

Another very big positive side of the seat is that it is relatively low so the boarding of children is very easy and thanks to its slim design it is good for a big family because three of them has enough space in a car side by side on the back seat. So if you have triplets it’s the best choice you can make to make your children’s journey safe and comfortable.

If you have to transport the seat from place to place you will like this feature of this one, because it can be folded and this feature makes storing and transporting easier than ever. Last but not at least the seat can be used on airplane and this foldable feature makes boarding easier. You don’t have to mess with the bulky huge seats, just fold it and you can carry it easily where ever you may go. The problem with seat in this category is that they are wide and heavy but this seat is totally the opposite, so if you often travel with your baby by plane that is the best choice you can make.

It can’t be found in a wide variety of color combinations but the two varieties can match with every car interior with its reserved and not harsh colors.

After advantages let’s take a look at some disadvantages Dino Radian R100 owns. First and foremost, the biggest problem is with installation. Although I have stated earlier that with the SuperLATCH connectors, the seat can be installed easily and in a convenient way, I have to say that this is not always the case. You may find it difficult to install the seat sometimes, because it has a relatively low center of gravity and a narrow path for the tethers or the seatbelts, so it is difficult to put them through and tighten them.

Other problem is, which is a problem almost with every car seat is that the cover comes off easily, it is good if you want to wash them, but it can cause trouble when you don’t, moreover the harnesses must be unthreaded to remove it.

In conclusion I would say that even though the seat has some disadvantages the majority of features are very useful and positive. If you want a very reliable and well built and tested car seat which is foldable for better storage and transport, this is the car seat you are looking for.

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Britax Roundabout 55 Review

Britax Roundabout 55 Review

Britax Roundabout 55


– Safe
– Easy to install
– Durable
– Comfortable
– Easy to adjust


– Heavy
– Lower weight ratings than other Britax models
– Harness not easy to adjust

The runner-up of the list of the three best convertible car seats according to is the Roundabout 55 from Britax which is one of the biggest car seat producing company in the world. This car seat owns the same features as the previous one of course with some differences. As for the material it is made from polyester.  This seat also provides 360 degrees of protection for your child in the event of a crash.

It also includes a BRITAX Side Impact Protection system which has a rigid shell with deep sidewalls and energy absorbing EPP foam. This basically forms a barrier between your child and the parts of the car in case of a crash and it also protects the kids from forces from every direction. The duty of energy absorbing EPP foam is to absorb the crash energy may impact the child in case of a crash.

Britax Roundabout 55 Review

Similarly to the other representatives of Britax, the Roundabout 55 is also produced with a SafeCell technology which is designed to compress in a crash lowering the center of gravity and prevent the forward movement of the seat so that your child doesn’t hit the front seat of the car in front of him. Integrated steel bars also help to prevent forward flexing of the seat reducing of the risk of head injury.

Britax Roundabout is also suitable for children of different age and height because the buckles can be repositioned. Although it is sold separately you can get an infant positioning insert which is the best way to optimize the fit of a small baby.

Installation and release of the seat is as easy as the previous one, it also has LATCH connectors for quick installation and push button for easy release. The best news is that, if you use these kind of connectors that fit most of the cars, you don’t have to do anything, because basically the seat installs itself. Of course if your car is not LATCH compatible you may want to use the seatbelts and you have to do the same if your child is over 40lbs, however car manufacturers certify their car’s anchor weight limit as 48 lbs, I think seat belt is safer

For higher level of comfort, comfort pads are provided just like for the big brother of this seat. The seat is well padded and the covers are comfortable too. There is an optional infant positioning insert it is also of the best quality and works really well, whenever you reposition the seat’s recline the baby insert will reposition the baby in it, so it makes it even safer, because you can be sure that your little one is in the best position he can be.

You might have had trouble with harnesses when you wanted to load or unload your child. Britax Roundabout 55 provides a great solution for this problem, because it has Velcro harness straps you can use when loading or unloading your kid.

It is an excellent choice for those who have smaller cars, because Britax Roundabout 55 is a relatively narrow seat. It is a very positive feature not only for those who have a smaller car, but for those who have more children because it is possible to place more seats side by side in the car.

As its brother, this seat can be used on planes to make the travel for children more comfortable and safer. It is sold with, similarly to the other type of this product, a limited one year guarantee in case of any damages or malfunction.

As most of the car seats Britax Roundabout 55 can be used in two positions, rear facing position and forward facing position. It has the average limits of weight in both positions. In rear facing position the highest weight that you can use the seat with is 40lbs then you have to change to forward facing position, where the weight limit is up to 55.  There are three recline positions of the seat, one for rear facing position and the other two is used in forward facing position.

Britax Roundabout 55 is a very light convertible car seat, it only weighs 17.2 lbs. which makes it possible to carry it easily, for example when you go by plane it’s not much of a trouble to take it with you, you may not even need any luggage carriers to do so.

We have discussed the positive sides of the seat so it’s time for considering some negative features. The biggest problem with the seat is with the harness, it is a little bit difficult to relocate the slots of the harness and they are in the way when you want to take the cover off. The other problem, at least if you have a child with longer torso, is that the legroom is very small in rear facing position compared to other seats.

Summing all up I would say that this is an excellent convertible car seat with all the benefits a car seat can have, so if we don’t focus on the minor defects this is an excellent choice for your children and for yourself

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Britax Marathon 70 G3 Review

Britax Marathon 70 G3 review

Britax Marathon 70 G3


– Sturdy, High Quality
– Great padding
– Plenty of adjustment for a good secure fit
– Many safety features
– No-rethread harness-height adjuster
– High weight ratings
– Easy to clean


– This is probably vehicle dependent, but if installing as rear facing then sometimes difficult to get it level because of how many vehicle seats slope down.
– May be bulky in some cars
– Short shell

Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat is another representative of the biggest car seat producing company, Britax. Similarly to every modern convertible car seat, this type provides features that are needed either for convenience or for better protection. Modern car seats have a higher back part that can support the spine and the neck preventing children from serious injuries in case of a crash.

This review is concentrating on the advantages and disadvantages of the car seat so that you can make your choice easier and better when it comes to buying a car seat for your child.

Britax Marathon 70 G3 Review

Now let’s see some safety features that this product can provide us, checking the list of features we might feel that this is not a car seat but it is more like a car within the car owning almost all the safety measurements that a car has. It’s been made with a technology based on safe cell which is designed to compress in a crash protecting kids from being injured. In case of a frontal crash the most dangerous situation is that the passengers of the back seats can hit the front seats so they can suffer injuries, get wounded or even die. This is because of the center of gravity. This problem seems to be solved by the producer of this product because with this safe cell technology they have lowered the center gravity and the forward rotation of the seat which normally propels the child towards the front seat causing sometimes deadly injuries or wounds for them.

To strengthen the construction the designers used steel integrated bars that provide better and more flexible connection with the vehicle and reduce flexing of the seat in a crash. Another very useful safety measurement is using an energy absorbing versa-tether feature providing a stage release tether webbing to slow the forward movement.

HUGS, deriving from Harness Ultra Guard System, is another technology used by the designers of Britax Marathon 70- G3 to provide resistance to forward movement in case of a crash.

During the design scientist did not only focus on the forces that push the child forward but they also paid attention to the process coming from the sides that’s why the seat is made with using deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam which is able to distribute crash forces from the sides, shield from vehicle intrusion and contains the head neck and body parts.

This type of seat can be used until the child reaches the limit until they must be seated in seats because thanks to the two buckle positions it provides comfortable fit while your child grows. This is not only cost-efficient but it also avoids a lot of troubles for parents to look for new car seats for their growing children.

There are three reclining provide, fully recline must be used in rear facing position and semi reclined or upright positions have to be used in forward facing positions

Another very pleasing feature of the seat is that it is very easy to install and it is designed to be Airplane-Approved. Although it can be used on airplanes the width of the seat may cause some trouble not to mention the weight of the seat. If you decide to travel with this seat on a plane you might need to hire a luggage carrier cart preventing yourself from carrying it by hand.

Not only the material of the seat is easy to clean but an anti-slip, contoured base grips and protects the vehicle seat too.  It is also easy to install and uninstall thanks to the LATCH connectors and push-button.

The disadvantages are in focus now after advantages having been discussed. The most important downside of Britax Marathon 70-G3 is that it is very costly although this is one of the best quality convertible car seats on the market it is one of the most expensive ones.

The other disadvantage that this car seat has is that it is hard to fasten the harnesses and the rear facing height limit is very small, so even if your child is under the weight limit but he or she has a longer torso, he or she cannot use the seat properly due to the small legroom. Side impact cushions are very important for higher protection and it is basically an advantage, but it makes the seat very wide so you have to choose a narrower seat if your car is not spacious enough for using a seat like this.

All in all this is one of the best car seats on the market by Britax and although its cost is very high if you can afford to buy it you should because for this price you get a high quality and safe seat with all the new safety technologies.

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