Let Your Child Enjoy Eating With No Spill Bowl!

Generally children eat less food and spill more. For solving this problem Melinda and Brad shepherd have created the gyro no spill bowl. This new system of eating would help in keeping the food where it belongs that is in the bowl not over the floor or over your child. This no spill bowl is extremely unique and stays in an upright position and while being carried anywhere by your kids. The inner abilities of the gyro bowl make it spill proof. In the outer portion there is a ring that constitutes the entire outer unit and facilitates in being held while being carried around. If you take a closer look you would find it resembling the Saturn planet along with the outside rings. The bowl is made in such a manner that the inside of the working would stay in a straight position.

A remarkable No Spill Bowl

The gyro bowl is a remarkable no spill bowl. It is indestructible and excellent for storage. No matter how many times you spin the bowl the stuff inside would not be damaged. The bowl gives our children the freedom to move about on your furniture or on the bed without you having to worry about the spillage. The bowl can also be utilized for providing snacks to your children like candies, raisins, dry cereal etc. Would it not be a big relief for you to see your child play and not being bothered about the mess it is going to create?

The amazing No Spill Bowl

This amazing no spill bowl can be spun easily in three different directions. The bowl would remain upright because of the hinge system. This system would keep the food safely in the bowl and your child would eat every morsel of the food that you have kept for them. It is really a boon for parents whose children are super active. The gyro bowl is the first no spill bowl of the world and the first snack bowl that has the ability to spin 360 degrees making it completely kid proof and child friendly. The opening of the rings that encircles the gyro bowl is quite wide to enable the children to hold the bowl quite easily and comfortably. Once purchased you will find that the material of the box is extremely durable and the shape of the no spill bowl makes it easy to be cleaned in dishwasher.

The bowl is available in plenty of bright colors to make it more attractive for children making it resemble a toy. Your child will be quite entertained and occupied in playing with the mechanics of the game. The bowl is ideal not only for kids but for teenagers and adults as well. It is perfect to carry all kinds of small stuff. It is a great container for outdoor snacks as well. With such a simple technology the no spill bowl is also a remarkable item to gift. There are several schemes available on line like buy one get one free that makes the bowl even more irresistible to purchase.

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