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Best Electric Scooters for Kids

It is noticeable that nowadays, recharging stations are struggling to support staggering tens of millions electric cars on byways and highways. Switching to electric scooters is a good alternative to conserve energy. Aside from saving power from stations, there is quite a good list on why you should go for an electric scooter. More than the fact that it is easy to ride, light in weight, and can be fairly decent priced products, you can minimize your carbon footprint, thus it reduces possible occurrence of greenhouse emissions.

There is truly wealth in electric scooters. Whether you plan to give it to your child as a present or use it for your personal needs, before purchasing one we suggest you read this article, so you can further guide yourself on which product to buy. To say the least there are high-end manufacturers that we surely trust for their quality products when it comes to electric scooters. Some of them are Jetson and Electric Works, how’s that sounds? They are one of the top quality companies around the globe. That’s why we recommend for you to take a look at what they can offer to the table.

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters For You

Electric scooter Speed limit Battery life Our Rating
Razor E300 Electric Scooter 15 mph 45 min 4.2/5
UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter 26 mph 30 min 4/5
Razor E200 Electric Scooter 12 mph 40 min 4.5/5
EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter 20 mph 35 min 4/5
Razor E325 Electric Scooter 15 mph 45 min 4/5
Razor E100 Electric Scooter 10 mph 40 min 4.5/5
Pulse Performance Reverb Electric Scooter 10 mph 40 min 3.5/5
Razor E90 Electric Scooter 9 mph 40 min 4/5
Uscooters Booster Scooter 20 mph 30 min 5/5
Hello Kitty 24V Electric Scooter 9 mph 40 4/5

What is the best electric scooter?

We want the best for our loved ones, whether you intend to buy one for your dear friend or for your kid, we want to help you as much as we could possibly could, so you can have a guarantee purchase. So, what makes an electric-scooter best? First of all, it can perform at its best, what we mean by that is that you can entirely make fun and quality time using it. You benefit from its excellent performance, it does not give you any noisy sounds while at use or it’s not difficult to recharge. The second trait you should look for an electric scooter, is that it can give your extremely quiet performance. It is mother earth friendly and does not produce any greenhouse emissions at source.

Next stop, you should remind yourself before buying is reading the reviews about it. If there are lots of amazing reviews, thanking and praising the product, then you should go ahead and make a purchase. Do note, that the fuel prices of using an electric scooter is a fraction compared to any petrol driven machine. Then, it should be easy to recharge. What we mean by this, is that you can do actually do the recharging at home. This type of vehicles only require lower maintained, which save a lot of $$ just to keep it up and running. So, if you actually have notice a brand or a product with these characters by said, then congratulations you have just encountered the best electric scooter.

Benefits of electric scooter

What are the things you can benefit from using an electric scooter? To be honest, it’s fun to use. For sure, your kids will love it. Even teenagers are so into it and adults, too. You just need to pick for the right and perfect electric scooter product to get the most benefit out of it. Aside from this hobby saves the nature, this by far is enjoyable for all ages. The very first advantage you will get from buying this type of bicycle is that it is extremely affordable. It can’t hurt your pocket with the truth that it is way cheaper than gas.

Next you will be benefiting from this, is that electric scooters can be your partner for exercising. You can get on the move and get some exercise, you can eve pedal if you feeling like you need an exercise. It is such a huge plus, that by using electric bikes, it can reduce both the physical and mental stress your currently battling with. Finally, this type of bicycle is safe and easy to use. It is intelligently design to give you support in your transportation needs and at the same time promotes your safety.

Why you should buy electric scooter for kids?

Simple, because kids love to have fun! They surely enjoy electric scooters. Aside from electric scooter improved your children’s body development. It also helps them to reduce loneliness, thus making them always up and go for another enjoyable journey. Not only that this would also make a wonderful surprise for your children’s birthday. For sure, when they get their hands on the top 5 electric scooter we picked for kids, they will never get enough of it!

Top 10 Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Unlike any other scooters you’ll find in the market, Razor E300 electric scooter does not limit you to short ranges, this can travel up to 15 miles per hour, which is quite impressive if you come to think of it. It is made with true power and can speed up to 15 mph and can last of 40 minutes continuous use. This has a twist-grip control, which you can use when you want accelerate. It comes with a larger deck, super-sized if may say so. It has a firm and a reliable frame, which makes it suitable for adults to ride on it.

This high-end razor product is suitable ideally for ages eight to adult year. This gives you’re the real thrill of a safe and an enjoyable journey. This has in fact the speediest electric scooter. Just imagine a staggering 15 miles per hour. Its power is highly engaging and impressing its users. It has a very quiet chain driven motor, so you’ll never have to worry a bit, if you’re going to attract a lot of people when you ride on it.


  • Can travel up to 15 miles per hours
  • Large deck
  • Quite chain motor


  • You have to be a battery expert to use this one
  • Difficult to do rear wheel inflation

UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards

UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards

If you’re looking for a strong electric scooter, then this could be the right perfect fit for you. It is easy to recharge and takes a little time to be fully recharged. You can surely make use of this if you have a job that you have to travel a lot around town squares and blocks, particularly if you’re a mail man. This could be a perfect aid for you to make your job a whole lot easier. UberScoot powerboards is a trusted manufacturer of making high-end new technologies such as the electric scooter. They are known for making products coming from high quality materials.

The drive system of this product is extremely amazing and durable. It has 1000 watt batteries with ta top speed of 24 to 26 miles per hour. Its battery can last up to 250 cycles. What’s another amazing feature this product can offer is the charging time, it only takes 4 to 8 hours and you can use it again. We highly recommend that you use a helmet when riding and observe safety riding rules. Empower yourself with a reliable electric scooter, do it with UberScoot!


  • Fast recharge
  • Amazing speed of 24-26 miles per hour
  • Durable


  • Can last for hours only, needs occasional recharge
  • Quite costly

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

With a high performance rate from users, this electric scooter is something worth of your consideration. This has an ultra-quiet chain driven motor, which helps you feel comfortable when using it. It has a handy twist-grip throttle, which gives you better control on the material. It is empowered by a powerful 24V battery system that can lost long. It has a spring loaded kick stand, hand operated rear brake, and large tires. This will certainly work great for adult users.

Along with this product comes along an approved battery charger, so you don’t need to stress a lot finding suitable charges on the market. It usually takes 12 hours before this electric charge to be fully recharged. It has a good green light indicator, so you will know that is now ready to use. However, it is highly recommended that you charge this product before using. This can run up to 4 hours continuously, which overall makes it an excellent product.


  • Excellent battery quality
  • Has a quiet chain driven motor
  • Has a handy twist-grip throttle

Cons: Takes 12 hours to recharge

EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter

Gyro Bowl

While other electric scooters in the market gives your range limit, this product won’t let you down! This is smartly designed to travel at urban areas. This is a tough machine that can support your 20 miles journey. This has a staggering energy efficiency of 2,000 MPGe. When it is fully recharged, it can travel up to 20 miles per charge. What’s super amazing about its feature is that it can be charged for just 2.5 hours, which can make up to 85% battery level. If you really need it fully recharged, you’ll need 4.5 hours to do that. This is an excellent personal electric vehicle that is built toughly for long travels in urban use.

Through our extensive research a lot of happy customers are praising this product because of its function and efficiency. This provide total convenient when you use it. Aside from helping mother earth and creates cleaner environment, this features an aircraft-quality aluminum frame, which makes people who even weight up to 180lbs is guaranteed to have fun with this electric scooter.


  • Excellent battery
  • Made with tough and high quality material
  • Fast recharge

Cons: Costly

Razor E325 Electric Scooter

Razor E325 Electric Scooter

If your most comfort when riding on an electric scooter is by having a large deck, then you should check out this one. Razor E325 features a super-size frame and deck, which can cater adult sizes to have fun with it. Just like the rest of the razor electric scooter products, this as well comes with an ultra-quite chain motor, so it gives you more comfort when you are at it. This has a twist-grip throttle and a rechargeable battery that you can use up to 45 minutes continuously. The batter requires about 8 hours before it get fully recharged.

It also comes with variable speed acceleration for you to gain better control with this electric scooter. This will come perfect for riders who are 12 or older. This has big wide wheels of 8 inches measurement, which makes it a stronger product. Thanks to its high-end performance, this can speed up to 15 miles per hour, which is quite impressive if you could not tell. So, if you’re looking for tough electric scooter, you can try this one.


  • Extra-large deck frame, which makes it suitable for adults
  • Variable speed acceleration
  • Can speed up to 15 miles per hours
  • Affordable

Cons: 12 hours to be fully recharged

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Number one is the razor E100 electric scooter, which is purposely designed for kids who are at age 8 or up. This comes with an ultra-quiet chain driven motor, so your kids will not be distracted by any noise while they are using this product. It has a safe speed that can go to 10 miles per hour. It has a powerful and a reliable rechargeable 24V seal battery system. For better security and safety, this comes with hand operated rear brake, so you can worry less about your child’s safety. You kids can continuously enjoy using this one for up to 40 minutes, it’s a sure quality time for you children to have. So, you might as well want to check this one out for your kids.


  • Ultra-quiet chain driven motor
  • Safety brakes
  • Handy twist-grip throttle
  • Affordable

Cons: takes 12 hours to recharge

Pulse Performance Reverb Electric Scooter

Pulse Performance Reverb Electric Scooter

Like any other scooters in the market, the pulse performance reverb electric scooter is built with safety precautions, so your kids will be safe while they enjoy. This can speed up to 10 miles per hours. It comes with an extra firm steel frame, so it can even add protection and durability to the product. It has a 24V rechargeable battery system and your kids can use it up to 40 minutes. This will be suitable for kids aging 8 years and older.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Excellent battery
  • Safe speed

Cons: takes long to be fully recharged

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

Your kid can either kick if they’re feeling it or they can do electric for fun boost. This uses a very mere kick start motor that can speed up to 9 miles per hour, which is quite a safe speed if you compare it with other. It has a 12V sealed battery system and takes around 12 hours before it get fully recharged.


  • Well-built
  • Safe speed
  • Can be used for 40 minutes continuously

Cons: takes 12 hours to recharged

Uscooters Booster Scooter

Uscooters Booster Scooter

This scooter is designed for urban use, but can still be totally safe and fun to use for your kids to explore the area. It has an excellent battery that can charge up to 2000 and plus charge cycle. Its speed can reach up to 20 miles per hour, which can typically go fast. It has also an amazing feature of fast charging time. You only need 4 and a half hour and voila, it’s up and ready to use again. Aside from giving fun to your children, this can totally give them comfort and convenience at the same time. Give it a try, your kids will surely love this!


  • Excellent battery
  • Excellent speed
  • Fast charging time

Cons: Quite expensive compared to other electric scooters for kids

Hello Kitty 24V Electric Scooter

Hello Kitty 24V Electric Scooter

Hello Kitty is one of the trusted manufacturers of well-built electric scooters. This in particular is made from a sturdy steel frame. Its deck is made from alloy, which makes it extremely durable. It has a 24V motor, which makes is possible for this product to speed up to 9 miles per hour. It has twist grip throttle, which makes it very easy to use. This is made very cute and extra stylish and will look lovely as a gift for your little angels. If ever you’re looking for a durable electric scooter, try this one!


  • Well-built
  • Safe speed
  • Excellent battery

Cons: a little difficult to assemble

Where to buy electric scooters?

To be honest you can find countless of electric scooters in the market. But what we highly suggest is go for a manufacturer that carries a great branding name such as Razor, Electric Works, and Jetson. They exist for many decades because of the quality of the materials they use for product-making. If you do not have time to go to your local market, you can make your successful purchase online. Aside from saving yourself from carrying heavy electric scooters, you’ll also saved a lot of time.

So, there you go. Whether you’re a working dad or a mere mom who wants to find a perfect gift for their little ones. Electric scooters are never a bad idea, there a lots of advantages your kids will be benefiting from it. Aside from teaching them saving the mother earth and reducing greenhouse emissions, it also promotes their body coordination. Develop yourself or your kids to become not only eco-friendly, but have some real zip ride, where they could have fun, relax, and enjoy.

There are countless of benefits you can get from using electric scooter as mentioned before, it’s your time to be benefited from each one of it. It’s never mindboggling why many people nowadays switch to electric vehicles. Why, you ask? It simply makes your life funnier, easier, more convenient, and healthier! They have switched, it’s time for you to make a wise decision. Start having quality fun today!

Best Double Strollers 2019 Reviews

Double stroller are perfect for the parent who has two children at infant or toddler age. They are also very popular for parents with twins. It is not much fun struggling to keep an eye on one toddler, while his or her sibling is in the stroller. A double stroller makes life so much easier. If you have children that are close together in age, such as an age difference of about eighteen months to two years, this product is ideal. Not only is it more convenient for the parent when it comes to transporting their children around, it is also safer.

There are many different types of double strollers and this will be explained further on in this article. This article will also give you information on what is available in the way of double strollers. Consider this a guide on how to choose a double stroller that is of good quality, is safe for your children, strong and well made and most importantly meets your financial budget.

Top 10 Best Double Stroller Comparison

Looking for baby double strollers to transport two kids at once? Look no further. Below is our complete range of baby double discount strollers.

Types Name Weight Rating Shipping Dimensions
Britax B-Agile Double Stroller 30 Pounds 4.5 out of 5 stars FREE 40 x 30.5 x 41.4 inches
BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller 34 pounds 4.6 out of 5 stars FREE 58.3 x 30.6 x 40 inches
Schwinn Turismo Double Swivel Stroller 39 Pounds 4.1 out of 5 stars FREE 32 x 28 x 15 inches
Stroll-Air My Duo Stroller 18 pounds 1.0 out of 5 stars FREE 31.8 x 29.6 x 11.5 inches
UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 24 pounds 4.5 out of 5 stars FREE 33.2 x 22.2 x 18.5 inches
InStep Grand Safari Double Swivel Stroller 42 pounds 3.6 out of 5 stars FREE 32 x 28 x 16 inches
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller 1 pounds 4.7 out of 5 stars FREE 47 x 24.8 x 47.8 inches
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller 1 pounds 4.7 out of 5 stars FREE 47 x 24.8 x 47.8 inches
Valco 2012 ZEE Twin Stroller in Blue Opal 35 pounds FREE 28 x 25 x 8 inches
Graco Sport Stroller 2.6 pounds 4.4 out of 5 stars FREE 40 x 24 x 42 inches

There are many things to consider when purchasing a double stroller or any product for your children, such as quality and safety and also what kind of accessories you wish the stroller to have. Some have buckets underneath, so that you can put your bags and your gear for the children underneath.

There are also strollers available for people who wish to get some exercise while they take their children for a ride in the stroller or to the park. These double strollers are specially designed for the parent or parents to jog behind the stroller while pushing it.

Let’s go through these features below. The following points are things to think about when you are selecting which double stroller to purchase:

Things to Consider When Buying Double Stroller


Find out as much as you can about what is available. There are basically six different types of double strollers, which contain different features. You may only need something basic if you are not intending on using the stroller when you go out. However, why would you want to do that?

In my opinion, using the double stroller when I go out would be the most important reason why I would decide to purchase one. Having this product will absolutely make your life so much easier when you are out shopping or visiting friends or at an outdoor function or barbeque.

Price is usually the most important thing to most consumers. Let’s face it, times are pretty tough at the moment and many people are not only juggling finances to make ends meet, but there are some who are absolutely struggling. If you have decided to purchase a double stroller, then it would be wise to think about how much you are prepared to spend and make plans to put some money aside for a few weeks so that you can afford a good quality one.

These products are not over priced and are affordable for most budgets, but cost is usually the most important thing to many of us. Shop around and get an idea of price. You might be tempted to buy something really cheap, however you need to put safety and quality first when it comes to your children.

Some double strollers are made to allow your children to stand in them and many children love to stand up as they can see more. This also depends on whether your child is standing up yet. A stroller that allows that child to stand up and sit down is your best bet. Many strollers these days have this feature, however you may find some that don’t. I live in Australia and most of the strollers I have seen enable the children to sit and stand.

You also need to consider which stroller will be the easiest for you to use as this is the main reason for buying one, they make outings and even home activities so much easier. So be sure to select one that is easy for you to navigate and that meets your needs as well.

Double Strollers vary in size and weight, so this is worth considering if you have trouble lifting heavy things due to an injury. However, most double strollers are not excessively heavy. You will have no trouble loading the stroller in and out of the car. You also need to consider how much room you have in your boot or trunk, as some smaller cars have tiny boots/trunks and you may not be able to fit the stroller in.

Most standard sedan type cars will be fine. Most parents with two or more children will usually opt for a bigger car, so size should not be a problem, but as I said above if you have some kind of injury, you may want to choose something that is more light weight.

The following descriptions explain the different types of double strollers and will hopefully assist you in making a choice or at the very least give you an idea of which strollers you feel will be suitable for you:

Different Types of Double Strollers

Tandem Strollers:

Tandem strollers are designed much the same as a tandem bicycle. Both of these seats also recline, the back seat reclines all the way down, which is great if your child needs a nap.

The front seat only reclines halfway. So if the older child can sit in the front seat, while your younger child has an undisturbed nap. Obviously you can reverse this and allow your older child to lie down if he or she seems tired and in need of a sleep.

The manufacturers of this double stroller have tried to design a stroller that will meet the needs of both children and your needs as well.

Side by Side Twin Strollers:

The side by side double strollers has been designed with adjacent seats. Both children can sit beside each other. The beauty of these strollers is that your children will enjoy a better view, instead facing you as you push the stroller.

For example if you take them out to the zoo, you can park the stroller along side whatever it is you have stopped to show your children and they will be able to see a lot more that if they were sitting facing you. This is also great because you can park the stroller in a way that you are not blocking other people from passing by you.

All Terrain Double Strollers:

Some parents have referred to this stroller as the four wheel drive model of double strollers. The name “All Terrain” means that this stroller is able to be used on all ground surfaces. Dirt paths, gravel, even a muddy path, although I would try to avoid pushing your stroller through mud as they are not fun to clean.

This double stroller is perfect if you are planning a day out in the national park or the beach. An all terrain stroller is quite capable of being wheeled through sand.

The all terrain model is a three wheel stroller with one wheel at the front, this makes it very easy to push the stroller through dirt, stony pathways or sand. Definitely a great choice for parents who love to go hiking and walking in the bush.

Sit and Stand Strollers:

These strollers are ideal if you have children that are eighteen months to two years apart, the older child can either stand up while in the stroller or he or she can walk beside the stroller and climb back in when he or she gets tired. As I pointed out before, kids are curious about everything and they love to stand up in the stroller so they can see more.

Think about the last time you went shopping and your four year old wanted to stand on the end of the shopping trolley.

This is because he or she can see more and also get a better view of what is on the shelves in the shops. Many children will stand up, even if they are sitting in the seat provided on the shopping trolley. So having a double stroller where both or one child can stand up in order to see everything is an excellent option.

It all depends how old your children are. If they are both not at the toddler stage yet then I would not recommend this stroller, the tandem stroller would probably be the best choice for children who are still infants.

Umbrella Double Strollers:

Umbrella double strollers are perfect for parents who travel or who are constantly on the go. Your children need to be older than six months for this stroller as this stroller is not suitable for infants younger than this. The handle where you push the stroller is shaped like a j, and wheeling and controlling it is quite easy.

It is also very light weight which is excellent for parents who travel and need to take the children with them. This stroller is very easy to wheel through narrow doorways, such as the door of an plane or public transport. For parents on the go, I would highly recommend this stroller.

Double Jogging Strollers:

This design is all terrain, and has been made with the exercise enthusiast in mind. Many women are concerned about getting their figures back after having a baby and these double strollers are perfect for this. For parents who like to run or go for a brisk walk and want a stroller that will handle rough surfaces while keeping the child comfortable and safe, this stroller is ideal.

The wheels are actually bicycle wheels, so they are very good quality, compared to a cheap double stroller which some have plastic wheels. Not a good idea to buy a stroller with plastic wheels, as it not going to last long and may not be safe for your child.

The Best Four Double Strollers on the Market

1. BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

This stroller is one of the best double strollers available today. It is built for outdoor activities. If you are planning to go on a picnic or barbeque, or you want to take a walk in the national park, then this is stroller for you.

This product has very comfortable and cushioned seats that recline and it also contains extra padding on the headrest. The single front wheel makes it simple to steer and perfect if you want to walk briskly or jog in order to work on your fitness while take your children for a walk.

The entire stroller is made from aluminum, alloy and chrome, this makes it light and it is easy to fold the stroller and lift it into the car or pick it up to get down the stairs. It is available in navy, black and orange.

The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller include really handy storage options to store things, such as your phone, wallet etc. This stroller is the number one choice for many parents, as it is safe, strong and very well made and the features are great.

2. Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is from the USA. It comes with what is called a “Click and Go” system which makes it compatible with car seats.

It is a light weight product which make it easy to lift and fold out for use. It is great for maneuvering and navigating narrow entrances and is excellent for the parent who travels a lot or is always on the go.

Working mums would find this product suitable as it would be used everyday to get children to daycare and collect them after work. It comes with a large storage container which is great for storing the children’s bags, a parent’s handbag and their shopping. The seats recline and are very well padded and extremely comfortable.

The handle bar is comfortable and can be adjusted. The storage basket is the best feature of this product as it is absolutely huge. It comes with a user guide and the various attachments for the car seat and also includes a two year warranty.

3. Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogging Stroller

The Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogging Stroller is specially manufactured for the parent who want to work on his or her fitness while taking the children on a walk.

It is very strong and well made and it is lightweight, which is always a good thing. This product is also easy on the budget as it is fairly reasonably priced.

Made with the one wheel in front that swivels around for easy navigation and it boasts extra thick tyres and suspension. It is a smooth, comfortable ride for your children and has little holders installed for water bottles and snacks.

It has handlebar that can be adjusted and an adjustable canopy, which is very handy. It is extremely compact when folded up, which make it very simple to store at home or in the car.

This model also had a built-in mp3 speaker which is great for playing music while you are walking or perhaps some music that your children would enjoy. It its well worth the price, which is very reasonable as it has some great features.

We have also created a list of some handy accessories which are good to have with strollers. There accessories are helpful for children as well as parents whenever they take their kids outside.

4. Stroll-Air My Duo Stroller

The Stroll-Air My Duo Stroller is another great product and well worth considering. This stroller has side-by-side seats and is wheeled from behind, so your child can see where he or she is going. The seats recline for your child to take a nap. It has adjustable handlebars and footrests, a gigantic basket to put all of your gear and your children’s gear in. This model boasts front and back suspension for a more comfortable ride.

This double stroller is twenty-nine inches wide and will fit easily through most entrances and hallways. The seats are also reversible, so you can face your children away from each other, should you need to.

This is a very unique stroller with very unique features. You can have both children facing you or facing outwards, or you can have them back to back. This is handy if your younger child is sleeping and you do not want your older child to wake him or her.

The canopies on this stroller are absolutely huge. So there is no doubt that they will protect your child from the sun or rain should you be out and about and it starts to drizzle or pour down. There are also little windows in the canopy so that you can look through and check on the kids or play peek-a-boo.

This product is available in red, black and green and has some really great features that make it very unique and one the best double strollers that I have seen. This is truly a fabulous stroller and I highly recommend it.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my reviews of double strollers and that you found it helpful. There is plenty of information online so when thinking about purchasing one of these products, it is a good idea to do your research and the internet is a great place to start.

Given that this is a product for your children, you want to make sure you purchase something safe and sturdy and that you get the features that you need.

Best Baby Monitors of 2018

There are lots of baby monitors in the market, but not all of them are created the same. Many would say that they’re the best, but of course, you wouldn’t know that unless you’ve tried them out—or at least, until you’ve seen a review.

People get baby monitors to check on the state of their child. Realistically speaking, no one can really stay with a baby 24/7 because there are still other things to do at home. However, a parent really wouldn’t be able to get peace of mind without knowing if his baby is okay—and that’s where a baby monitor comes in.

Some of the things that you should look for in a baby monitor, generally, include:

  1. Stability.You have to know whether the product has good market standing, if people are saying good things about it, and if it could actually withstand the test of time.
  2. Special Features.Again, baby monitors are never equal—if they were, there wouldn’t be a need for this list. Anyway, you have to choose a baby monitor with the best features you can find (such as voice-operated systems, night vision capacities, transmission value, video saving and sharing, etc.) so you’d know that you’re able to give your child the best kind of care!
  3. Safety and Security.These are the main goals you should have in mind in looking for a baby monitor. You have to make sure that the device keeps your baby safe, and that you do get a sense of peace and security even if you’re not beside your child.

What about price, you may ask? Well, incidentally, that comes into play, but you don’t have to make it your top priority. Something may cost much, but if it’s of extremely good quality, why not, right? Again, baby’s safety always has to be a priority.

Samsung Baby Monitors

When it comes to being the best and most innovative, those made by Samsung are some of the most sought after baby monitors in the market right now. In fact, there are a number of types and that’s why it’s important to read Samsung baby monitor reviews just to make sure of their quality, and what it is that they can really do.

Take a look at three of the most popular Samsung Baby Monitors below:

Samsung Baby Monitor 3037

The Samsung baby monitor 3037 is known for its ultra-zoom, and wireless night vision capabilities. Some of its features include:

  • Two-Way Talk and Quiet Mode System. One of the best things about this is the fact that there’s a Samsung video baby monitorVox option that you can tweak. By doing so, you get to reduce ambient sounds and frequencies in the room so you’d be able to get the most accurate recordings of what’s going on in your baby’s room!
  • SAFEView Settings.With this feature, you can be sure that you’d get to monitor the room—100 degrees up and down, and 300 degrees left and right, which would be able to tell you whether your baby is sleeping soundly or not!
  • Remote Night Light and Night Vision.Now, you’d also be able to monitor your baby while in low-light settings, and while you’re away from the room with the help of the Samsung baby monitor app.The device also adjusts the image, based on the light, so you could get a clear view of the situation in the room!

If this doesn’t work for you, you could try the Samsung video baby monitor3037winstead, which is an upgraded version of the said device.

Samsung Baby Monitor SEW 3036

Next up is the Samsung baby monitor SEW 3036. When it comes to Samsung baby monitor out of rangefeatures, this one is number 1, especially because it dubs itself as a wireless baby monitor.

This means that even if you’re far away from your baby, say out of the house or so, you’d still be able to see what’s going on, also with the help of the given app. Just make sure that your Samsung baby monitorWi-Fisettings are properly set, and you’ll get the great benefits! Other features include:

  • Built-in mic/Two Way Talk System.This way, you can “talk” to your baby even while you’re not in the same room as he is in. As they say, bonding starts when you begin to talk to your child even at an early age. Since you’re probably also a busy person, it’s nice to know that you’d be able to bond with your child with the help of this device. Background noise could also be put down when you turn on Quiet Mode.
  • Pure Digital Signals. This means that you’d get some of the clearest video output you could expect. But then again, you have to keep in mind that since video is in VGA output, it might still not be as clear as HD—but you could still give it a try.
  • 3.5 High Quality Color. However, even if the output is in VGA, you could expect high-quality full color display instead, based on its 2.4 GHZ Signal!

Samsung SmartView Video Baby Monitor 3034wn

And then there’s Samsung video baby monitor 3034wn. Basically, it has all the same features as the other Samsung Baby Monitors mentioned above, but the thing with it is that it’s the most easily accessorized of them all.

If you’ve ever read a Samsung Baby Monitor review or two, you’d notice that most of the users have said that this device in particular works best with certain accessories, such as:

  • Additional Night Vision Camera.This uses 640 x 480 pixels, and works under 2,400 to 2,430 frequency ranges, with 100m of transmitting distance.
  • Upbright Adapters.As the name suggests, these could make the video output brighter, but you’d have to plug the monitor while using it—which might make it hard for it to do its pan and tilt job.
  • T-Power Long Cable.This could be used both as a charger, and also as means to let the baby Monitor be able to zoom more into the room.

While these add-ons are pretty good and reliable, they might also seem to be a hassle because without them, what would the original baby monitor be like? It’s not wrong to have all these add-ons, but then again, people these days often like it when they have something that’s uncomplicated—and could make their life more manageable without asking them to do a lot. This means that you might have to do some Samsung Video Baby Monitor pairing, or have to use this device with other Samsung products. But, if this is fine with you, then it’s okay, too.

Samsung Baby Monitor 3035

Last on the top of the list is the Samsung baby monitor 3035 Secure View Baby Monitoring System.

The best thing about this device is monitoring could be done even via webcam, MSN, or Skype—which makes it one of the most innovative and reliable ones in the market! Other features include:

  • Sleek and Compact Unit. It’s actually one of the smallest Samsung devices out there, as it could fit right in the palm of your hand—which makes it quite portable. You could also playback videos while holding the device and you could also hook it up to your TV so you could playback photos and videos from your child’s bedroom in it! Just don’t forget to read the Samsung video baby monitor manual so you’d be able to know what to do.
  • Easy Video Sharing. This device also makes video sharing easy through MSNor Skype. This way, your relatives and friends abroad would be able to see how your child is. This works best for parents who have to work in separate countries. At least then, some form of bonding would be around! Also, you do not have to worry about strangers getting access to those videos, because everything is secured, and it’ll just be done on a private basis.
  • Night Vision and Digital Zoom. Of course, when there’s night vision and digital zoom options, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get accurate recordings of what’s happening to your child while he’s alone in his room. This device also has temperature sensors that are effective in taking care of a baby.

The best part is that batteries don’t dry up fast—so you could expect the device to work with the best of its abilities without the need to change batteries over and over again. It definitely exceeds everyone’s expectations.

A Few Reminders

While these are some of the best products you can get, take note that you do have to read the manual to check for Samsung baby monitor troubleshooting, just to be sure that you’re setting things and fixing them up right.

Always check the back of the box for warranty and Samsung baby monitor customer service details. Warranty usually lasts for a year or two, but it always depends on the product, even if they’re made by the same manufacturer—so it’s always best to be sure. As for Samsung baby monitor replacement issues, there are no specifications on Amazon, so it’s best to check the box or the manual—or call a customer service representative to get some answers.

Video Baby Monitors

As mentioned earlier, not all baby monitors were created the same. When it comes to Samsung Monitors, there are those that are commercialized as video baby monitors—meaning they have impeccable photo/video capturing systems, high resolution outputs, and just about everything you could ever want in a baby monitor.

Some of the things you should look for in a video monitor include:

  1. Video Clarity. This has to be number 1. Why would you even buy a video monitor if you can’t make out the images coming out of it, anyway? VGA is okay, but HD is always better.
  2. Night Vision Camera.One of the main uses of a baby monitor is to check on your baby at uncanny times of the day—specifically at night. That’s why you need a monitor with a proper night vision camera that will really allow you to see what’s going on in your child’s room—in a clear and precise manner.
  3. Video and Sound Compatibility. It would also be nice if you’d have a monitor that combines sounds with video—so that the reports you’d get would be more realistic, and you’d really know what’s going on.
  4. Number of Cameras Supported.When a video monitor supports more than 1 camera, it means that you’d have more chances of knowing how your baby is doing. Incidentally, you could use it for the other rooms in the house, too, so in case you have more than one child, you’d know how each of them are.
  5. Length of Transmission.And of course, it’s good to have a device that allows for long transmission—as in 800 to 900 feet and even more, so you’d have no problems checking up on your child wherever you may be.

So, which one of the video monitors in the market should you try? Here are a few suggestions.

Samsung SEW-3041 Brilliant View Baby Monitoring System

The SEW-3041has an ultra large screen with up to 900ft transmission capabilities, as well as a pan-and-tilt system that makes it easy for you to see what’s happening in your baby’s room. Some of the best features of the Samsung SEW-3041 brilliant view baby monitoring system include:

  • Remote Night Light.Some babies couldn’t sleep with full lights on, but then again you also have to make sure that some light is left in the room for easy monitoring purposes. With the remote night light option, you get to cast a dim and calming nightlight in the room—definitely perfect for your baby!
  • Expandable System.This means you get a panoramic view of the room without having to change batteries from time to time, because internal and external power sources are different. More so, there are available scan and zoom modes, and you’ll be able to make use of these easily because interface is really easy to understand. Set your camera at pre-set or continual intervals, as well—and you can also monitor up to 3 available cameras, too!
  • Sound Level LEDs.Not only will you be able to monitor your child by means of videos, you’d also be able to hear even the softest sounds they’ll make because of this device’s Sound Level LED system. It doesn’t matter whether the room is noisy or not—you’d still be able to hear how your baby is.
  • Power Saving Ability!And, you can prolong battery life by means of turning off the monitor—take note that the device would still be able to detect sounds even after you do this.

Samsung SEW-3040 Simple View Baby Monitoring System

And then there’s the Samsung SEW-3040 simple view baby monitoring system, which is marketed as parents’ best friend when it comes to infant care. With an ultra-large 4.3” LCD Monitor, it will be extremely easy for you to check on your baby, and see what’s happening in his room.

Some of the best features of the SEW-3040include:

  • Secure Interference.This means that no one else will be able to see the state of your baby but you. This is essential in order for you and your baby to feel safe, not to mention it comes with pure digital signals, too—which means that you do not have to hook it up to anything else just for it to do its job.
  • Invisible IR LEDs.With Infrared LEDs, you can be sure that your baby will be able to sleep well because he wouldn’t get disturbed by any lights or noises. You could also put the device on sleep mode so it could drown out the ambient sounds in the room, and let you see just how your baby is doing, or if he’s making any noises.
  • 800 feet transmission.Even if you’re 800 feet away from your child, it would still be easy for you to know what’s going on—without the need for wires and such. You see, this is such a big leap from having to use wires and routers just to make sure that you’re still able to get signals while away from a room. Now, even if you’re doing something else, you wouldn’t have to deal with stepping on wires and the like.
  • Supports up to 4 cameras!And, the best part is that this device supports up to 4 cameras—which means it would be easy for you to get panoramic and real-time results of how your baby’s doing!

So, basically this is one of the best baby monitors  you can get in the market! It’s definitely worth trying out.

Samsung SEW-3037 Video Monitoring System

If you could recall, it was earlier discussed that the Samsung SEW-3037 video monitoring system is really one of the best that you can get in the market. Well, you could also say that as a Baby Video Monitor alone, it could really put its contemporaries to shame.

The reason why the SEW-3037is one of the best video monitors is because of the following:

  • Built-in belt clip.You can take this with you anywhere while the device is in your kid’s room. It makes for easy monitoring purposes, without the need for any apps and such. Sure, it’s a bit old-school, but hey, it actually works.
  • Sound Level Indicators. Apart from high quality images, it’s always good when a parent hears sounds coming from his child’s room—just to give him some peace of mind. Basically, you’d get it from this device.
  • Out of Range Alert. You’d also get alerts when you’re a bit too far away from your child, and when something unusual is going on. It’s a good way of checking up on your child, and arranging security details, if necessary.
  • VOX (Voice Operated Switch).Finally, since as a parent, you’d probably have your hands full more often than not, so it’s nice when you get a device that allows you to control it just by using your own voice.

Samsung SEW-3036 Baby View Video Monitoring System

Next, there’s the Samsung SEW-3036 baby view baby monitoring system, mostly known for its Infrared Night Vision System. What’s great about it is that night vision works for up to 15 feet—so in case your baby gets out of the crib, or someone is around the room, you’d easily see it.

Infrared Night Vision System is cool because the signals transmitted are clear—and are all on optimal levels. Other features of the SEW-3036are:

  • Monitor LEDs.This will send you not only some of the clearest images, but also five different sound levels that would help you monitor your baby more.
  • Interference-free Signals. You know what this means? Well, it’s that even if there’s a storm coming, even if there are other kids playing in your child’s room, you’d be able to check on him well!
  • 4 Camera Capacities.This device could also monitor up to 4 cameras—which is definitely something helpful!

Samsung SEW-3035 Secure View Baby Video Monitor

When talking about video monitors, the SEW-3035sure hits a good spot. Aside from its digital zoom and night vision options, you could also expect certain features, such as:

  • Two way talk.This feature of the Samsung SEW-3035 secure view baby video monitor allows you to talk to your child even if you’re not together in the same room. This way, you could soothe or calm him down with your voice!
  • 4 camera capacity.Again, this is a big plus—4 is better than 1, especially when safety is concerned!
  • Full color videos. Colored videos are definitely better than black and white ones in the sense that they’re more realistic—and the images definitely won’t get blurry!

This device also allows you to share videos via Skype, but don’t worry because your privacy would still be protected. You just have to tweak some settings and you’re all set!

Samsung SEW-3034 Secure View Baby Video Monitor

If you could recall, the SEW-3034is the device that needs a couple of add-ons to make it better. However, when it comes to its video monitoring capacities, no one can deny that it could put some of its contemporaries to shame.

In fact, it’s often called dependable by many. This is because some of the best features of the Samsung SEW-3034 secure view baby monitor are:

  • Easily Mounted Camera.This device has superb balance which makes it easy for you to place it on the bed, on tables, or just mount it wherever possible. This way, you’d have no problems looking for something that would make the camera stand and such.
  • Auto Activated Night Lights. In case you want to make sure that some lights are left in your baby’s room even if you’re not there, it would be nice to set up the auto-activated night lights option of this device.
  • Long-lasting battery.In many cases, the batteries prove to be a problem because it’s not good to see a device running out of juice more often than possible. Well, that wouldn’t be a problem with this device.

While this monitor has a clear camera, there aren’t many special features—so you do have to think twice before you decide to buy this.

Samsung SEW-3022WN EzView Baby Video Monitor

The SEW-3022proves to be one of the best wireless monitors to produce clear image and audio with exceptional quality. While there aren’t too many extra-special features, once you buy the Samsung SEW-3022WN EzView baby video monitor would treat you to things such as:

  • Camera Temperature Display.This way, you’d know exactly what the temperature in your child’s room is, so you could make necessary adjustments—for example, tweaking the temperature of the thermostat or air-conditioner, or checking whether the temperature is coming from your child himself (i.e. he has fever, etc.)
  • Safety Warnings.These would tell you whether camera is extremely out of range so you can fix it right away.
  • Precise Video Quality.This is due to the help of Samsung’s new video mechanisms that allow for high-definition videos without any hassle!
  • Exceptional Sound Clarity.As mentioned, this is more than just video camera—you’d also be treated to great sound quality, which will make it easy for you to understand if your child is in trouble or not.

Safe to say, this device has a lot of promise. However, not a lot of people could attest to its quality, so you might have to check for yourself. Some reviews are exceptional, though, and if that’s enough for you, then that’s alright, too.

Samsung SEW-3020 Remote View Baby Video Monitor

The Samsung SEW-3020 remote view baby video monitor also makes use of Samsung’s new video mechanisms to produce crisp and clear audio and video quality. Aside from that, you could also expect features, such as:

  • 350 feet transmission range.This may not be as far as its contemporaries, but you could expect a clearer type of video transmission in return.
  • Interference Elimination.This means that anything that might obstruct signals would be disrupted by the device itself—so that you’d be able to see what’s going on with your child in real time!
  • Built-in music player.There are 4 different tunes that you could play in place of lullabies for your child. This way, it would be easier for him to go to sleep, and you could also silence the ambient sounds in the room, so you’d really be able to monitor your baby better.
  • Two-way audio communication. And of course, this device also allows you to take care of your baby better by getting the chance to talk to him via the device itself.

There’s a catch, though: Most reviews for the SEW-3020show that there are problems with the night-vision camera options. That’s not really a good thing because it means you may have to get another baby monitor just for night vision purposes—and that would definitely be a hassle.

However, there are still some reviews that say that the night vision camera is okay. It may not be as clear as others in the market, but it’s still pretty reliable, according to them. So, you just might have to try it for yourself.

Samsung SEW-3030 Remote View Baby Monitoring System

And last in the least of video monitors is the Samsung Sew-3030 remote view baby monitoring system. This device is said to be one of the easiest ones to set up, which makes it a favorite of many. And, according to most people who’ve already tried the SEW-3030, it didn’t disappoint them when safety and security is concerned. Some of its best features include:

  • 4 Camera Capacities.This device allows you to monitor up to 4 cameras at home—which makes it easier for you to check on your child, and other people in the house, too.
  • 350 feet transmission.Again, it’s not that far, but people who’ve tried the device say that it works, mainly because the signals are pretty clear—so you can do whatever it is that you have to do without worrying about your baby!
  • State-of-the-art audio and video quality. Like its predecessors, this device uses Samsung’s state-of-the-art mechanisms in producing audio and video that would make you feel like you’re just in the room with your child!

Another great thing about this device is the fact that it’s so handy—it actually fits right in your palm! Aside from that, there are no other big special features, but when it comes to stability, this device definitely wins—and most reviewers think so, too!

Remember, when it comes to video baby monitors, you have to make sure that you choose one with exceptional video quality. This way, it would really be easy for you to check up on your baby even if you’re not in the same room as he is in.

Audio Baby Monitors

And finally, you should also think of getting some audio baby monitors.

While it’s good to see how your child is doing by means of a video, it’s also good to check sounds coming from his room because you never really know if something is happening until you hear it.

It’s not about scaring yourself, you know? It’s about being sure that your child is doing fine. Sometimes, seeing isn’t enough—you have to hear what’s going on, too. You have to understand what’s happening in a 360-degree manner.

So, if you’re going to look for an audio monitor, you have to make sure of the following:

  1. High quality of sound.It doesn’t have to be extremely loud, but it definitely has to be audible. If you have read some of the reviews earlier, you might have noticed that some of the monitors featured have precise audio quality—so try to look for devices like that.
  1. Length of Transmission.Again, this is important not only for videos, but also for audio. Your audio monitor wouldn’t matter if you won’t be able to hear what’s going on. Remember that a monitor has to be reliable even if you’re hundreds of feet away from the room. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  1. Other Features. Of course, it’s not just all about the sounds. You have to check for the other features of the device, too. Make sure that they’re unique—and that you’d definitely get your money’s worth!

That said, here are some of the best audio monitors in the market right now:

Samsung SEW-2001W Secured Digital Wireless Audio Monitor

First on the list is Samsung SEW-2001W digital wireless audio monitor. Dubbed as an extra set of ears, it’s basically perfect for trying to hear what’s going on in your baby’s room with just the push of a button. Basically, it’s easy to monitor your baby because the device stays quiet until noise is detected in the room.

What’s more is that the device doesn’t make any sounds of its own—so your child would be able to sleep well, and wouldn’t be disturbed. You can also easily bring the device with you anywhere, with its belt-clip button.

Other features of the SEW-2001Winclude:

  • 1.8 GHZ Dect Digital Technology.In layman’s terms, this means that sound quality is really high, and of extraordinary quality. More so, this type of technology provides you with interference free signals—so no matter what happens, you can be sure that monitoring would be continuous.
  • 900 ft. transmission range. Now, this is the kind of transmission range that you’d want. With 900 feet of transmission range, you can be sure that it would be easy for you to hear whatever it is that’s going on in your baby’s room, without feeling the need to stay close—or not do what you have to do!
  • Sound Alerts. You’d be notified when something unusual is going on—so you can check the room right away! Battery life is long, too!
  • Simple and fuss-free mechanism. Best of all, it’s so easy to operate the Samsung SEW-200 Digital Wireless Audio Monitor. Pairing with the parental unit is easy, and it’s extremely portable, too!

As you can see, this one really has lots of great features and that’s why it’s an early favorite of many! If you can get hold of this, baby monitoring would be easy.

However, don’t expect to see any videos whatsoever as this a purely audio type of monitor. If that’s what you need, then this is extremely good for you!

Samsung SEW-2002W Secured Digital Wireless Audio Monitor

The Samsung SEW-2002W secured digital wireless audio monitor is the latest in the SEW audio monitor series from the said brand. Just like its predecessor, it offers the clearest form of audio monitoring services available without much of a hassle for the user!

With the SEW-2002W, you can expect to be treated to excellent features, such as:

  • Crystal Clear Sounds.You’d feel like your baby is just right next to you—and that’s exactly the kind of sounds that you want to hear from your audio monitor.
  • Interference Free Connection.Just like the SEW-2001, you could expect that transmission signals won’t be disrupted with this device. Even if you’re 800 to 900 feet away, you’d still be able to know what’s happening in your baby’s room—which will definitely give you some peace of mind.
  • Decorative Purposes. This device actually looks pretty nice; it wouldn’t ruin the aesthetics in your home. In fact, you can easily place it on tabletops and it won’t make things look bad. So, you don’t actually have to bring it with you everywhere—but you can, because of belt clip-in mechanisms of the device!
  • Security is ensured.With 1.8 GHZ of power, you can be sure that your baby will be in safe hands—and that monitoring would be a breeze!

Again, this has no video options, but if you’re just looking for an audio monitor, this one is definitely perfect—and even better than its predecessor!

Final Reminders

Now that you’ve read comparisons of the various types of Baby Monitors in the market, it’s time for you to choose which one fits your lifestyle and preferences. Don’t forget the following in choosing a baby monitor:

  1. Make sure that it fits the purpose that you have in mind. If you want an audio monitor, go for it. If you want something with amazing video clarity, look for video monitors. The important thing is you get something that would answer to your needs.
  1. Read Reviews and Product Comparisons. They always help. It’s good to hear what people who have tried these devices have to say, so you’d know whether they’re worth trying out or not.
  1. And, make sure you get your money’s worth. It doesn’t matter if you have to shelve out a lot of cash, as long as you know that the product is actually reliable. If not, look for warranties, or try to ask for replacements. Remember you need only the products that are worth your money—and would really help you out in life.

Keep these tips in mind and you’d surely find the best baby monitorout there! Good Luck!

Best Convertible Car Seats of 2018

Discovering the Best Convertible Car Seats: Your Buying Guide with Trusted Reviews

Best Convertible Car Seats

Best Convertible Car Seat

Have you ever been in such a situation when you could not decide which is the best convertible car seat you should choose? If so, we have good news for you, your hard times are over; you’ve just found the right place to choose from the three best convertible car seats according to the marking of other users. This is not only a summary of features and prices the car seats own, but it is also a review listing useful information in connection with the product to make it easier for you to choose the best equipment fitting you and your children’s need.

Safety has the highest priority when driving and not only you and your fellow driver’s safety is important, but when you become a mother or a father you have to pay attention to transport your children in car safe. According to laws, every children must be seated in a car seat while travelling under 150 cm of height. This is because the seatbelt cannot work efficiently if somebody is not tall enough and besides it can’t protect you against injuries if it is not so, it can cause you serious injuries too.

Convertible car seats are the best solution for this problem because these are able to be converted to meet your requirements and the children’s needs. These car seats are excellent to prevent your children from any kind of injuries and they are also comfortable enough to provide the convenience they need while travelling. These seats are all equipped with in-built seatbelts which are designed for children so that they won’t feel uncomfortable on a longer journey either.

The car seats are always safety tested by a neutral organization which has no connection with any kind of car manufacturer and they decide if the seat is safe enough for children or not. There are standards everywhere, the EU standard is called ECE-R 44 which, according to ADAC, a German car club, is not high enough because many of the seats did not meet the requirements.

These baby seats are tested for certain kinds of conditions the two main parts of the test is the frontal and the side crashes. Frontal crashes are tested at a certain speed and they measure the forces on the baby’s body as well as the stability of the seat itself. Nowadays many seats are equipped with special connectors that can be safely connected to the car if the car has too, these are mostly very safe, but we have to be always on the lookout if the seat passed the crash test or not. The other very important part of the test is the forces they can impact the babies in an accident. The harness must be very tight but very soft at the same time not to cause injuries while saving the lives of our children.

There are many kinds of seats on the market from which it is very hard to choose the best. Car seats are grouped into categories according to their purpose. There are car seats for babies in which new born babies can be carried and as the kids row you have to change their seat accordingly. To prevent you from this trouble of buying new car seats as the ages go by, there are convertible car seats on the market that can solve such problem. These professional car seats can provide all the advantages of single purpose seats that are only suitable for certain age group and height, these are suitable for every age group.

For a start, a review of the three top-ranked convertible car seats that can be found on the market is provided to make your choice easier and better-considered. The three top models are as follows, check them out if they fit into your lifestyle and make the best decision you can.

The Top 3 Car Seat Comparison:

Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat

Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat

Diono RadianR 100 Convertible Car Seat

Of course, one man’s meat is the other man’s poison, so it is almost impossible to find the car seat or any other product that can meet everybody’s requirements and needs. There are always good and bad sides of products of any kind. We have only tried to make a review of convertible car seats that got the best ratings, and feedbacks. Depending on your need and lifestyle, problems considered to be major ones will vary from person to person that is why we are going to outline some features of the three best convertible car seats on the market with comparison in this article.

Our Rating
Customer Reviews550+ Reviews250+ Reviews15+ Reviews
Free Shipping YesYesYes
Free Returns YesYesYes
Weight19.5 pounds 20.9 pounds 23 pounds
Dimensions21 x 18.5 x 26 inches 21 x 18.5 x 26 inches 16 x 17 x 28.5 inches
70 Pounds 55 Pounds 100 Pounds
Our ReviewRead Our Review Read Our Review Read Our Review
ShoppingCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car SeatBritax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat

The car seat ranked on the top of the list according to the is the Britax

However, it is not the most significant feature of the car seat but it’s worth mentioning that it can be found in seven different color combinations that can match your car’s interior or your style. What is very important, on the other hand, is the price that you can get this professional car seat. Now it is on sale and still in stock on on reasonable price, 201.30 and what’s the best about this product is that you don’t have to pay shipping. If you want this car seat to be delivered quickly, you should choose the two-day shipping which is the fastest way to get the product in time. Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat which being produced by the US company, Britax. Similarly to every modern convertible car seat, this type provides features that are needed either for convenience or for better protection.  This convertible car seat is made with 360 degree protection to prevent injuries from any directions. Modern car seats have a higher back part that can support the spine and the neck preventing from serious injuries in case of a crash.

Now let’s see some safety features that this product can provide us, checking the list of features we might feel that this is not a car seat but it is more like a car within the car owning almost all the safety measurements that a car has. It’s been made with a technology based on safe cell which is designed to compress in a crash protecting kids from being injured. In case of a frontal crash the most dangerous situation is that the passengers of the back seats can hit the front seats so they can suffer injuries, get wounded or even die. This is because of the center of gravity. This problem seems to be solved by the producer of this product because with this safe cell technology they have lowered the center gravity and the forward rotation of the seat which normally propels the child towards the front seat causing sometimes deadly injuries or wounds for them.

To strengthen the construction the designers used steel integrated bars that provide better and more flexible connection with the vehicle and reduce flexing of the seat in a crash. Another very useful safety measurement is using an energy absorbing versa-tether feature providing a stage release tether webbing to slow the forward movement.

HUGS, deriving from Harness Ultra Guard System, is another technology used by the designers of the seat to provide resistance to forward movement in case of a crash.

During the design scientist did not only focus on the forces that push the child forward but they also paid attention to the process coming from the sides that’s why the seat is made with using deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam which is able to distribute crash forces from the sides, shield from vehicle intrusion and contains the head neck and body parts.

This type of seat can be used until the child reaches the limit until they must be seated in seats because thanks to the two buckle positions it provides comfortable fit while your child grows. This is not only cost-efficient but it also avoids a lot of troubles for parents to look for new car seats for their growing children.


Another very pleasing feature of the seat is that it is very easy to install and it is designed to be Airplane-Approved. Not only the material of the seat is easy to clean but an anti-slip, contoured base grips and protects the vehicle seat too.  It is also easy to install and uninstall thanks to the LATCH connectors and push-button.

According to buyer’s comments the car seats are the best car seats they’ve ever purchased and they are very content with them, the seat is from very high quality materials with very high technology safety features as well as convenience features. The only downside of the seat mentioned was that the rear position of the seat depends much on the type of the car because of the shape of the seat the vehicle has.

Until children reaches a certain age and height they are advisable to be seated rearwards because the chance to survive a crash is much higher in this position than in forward position. Of course it is important that both positions have different limits for use, this seat can be used in rear position can be used between 5 and 40 pounds while in forward facing position the seat can be used with children weighing 20 to 70 pounds.

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2. Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car SeatBritax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat

The runner-up of the list is the Roundabout 55 from the same producer as the winner. This car seat owns the same features as the previous one of course with some differences. It is a little bit cheaper, it costs 185.99 dollars. It can be found in four color variations and it has a slightly different design. As for the material it is made from polyester.  This seat also provides 360 degrees of protection for your child in the event of a crash.

It also includes a BRITAX Side Impact Protection system which has a rigid shell with deep sidewalls and energy absorbing EPP foam. This basically forms a barrier between your child and the parts of the car in case of a crash and it also protects the kids from forces from every direction.

Similarly to the previous contestant the Roundabout 55 is also produced with a SafeCell technology which is designed to compress in a crash lowering the center of gravity and prevent the forward movement of the seat not so that your child doesn’t hit the front seat of the car in front of him. Integrated steel bars also help to prevent forward flexing of the seat reducing of the risk of head injury.

It is also suitable for children of different age and height because the buckles can be repositioned. Although it is sold separately you can get an infant positioning insert which is the best way to optimize the fit of a small baby.

Installation and release of the seat is as easy as the previous one, it also has LATCH connectors for quick installation and push button for easy release. Moreover, it can be also taken to airplane and the removable cover makes cleaning easier. For higher level of comfort, comfort pads are provided just like for the big brother of this seat.

As its brother, this seat can be used on planes to make the travel for children more comfortable and safer. It is sold with, similarly to the other type of this product, a limited one year guarantee in case of any damages or malfunction.

Since this seat has the same features as the other mentioned above being the winner, this one also have the two positions it can be used. The rear facing position is also possible to use up to 40 pounds and the forward facing position’s limit is the same as it’s big brother’s.

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3.Dino Radian R100 Convertible Car Seatdiono radian r100

The car seat ranked number three on the top three-list of convertible car seats is the Radian R100 produced by Dino. It is one of the best convertible car seats because it is made with a solid steal frame which protects your baby from injuries in case of a car accident.

For additional safety it is made with aluminum reinforced sides and energy-absorbing harness. It can be installed in two ways, rear and back facing as all of the car seats on the list. if you are not sure about the safety of the car seat we can assure you that the seat had been tasted by professionals and it meets the Federal crash standard as well as NCAP standards which are to verify the performance of the car seat in severe accident situations. It’s been tested at the maximum weight rear-facing and back-facing also booster and it has been rated for ten years of life.

Another very big advantage of this car seat is that it can be made into a booster seat if your child grows up bust still needs a seat in the car to travel. The rear facing position is available from 5 to 40 pounds the forward facing position is good for children weighing 20 to 65 pounds while the booster seat can be used up to 100 pounds.

Your little one can feel really cozy in this car seat from a very early age. It has a deep shell which makes the car seat very comfortable and it has a plush cloth surface which making the journey more enjoyable for kids. Leg support is also the part of the high quality convenience the seat owns. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, you can have a big SUV or jeep but this excellent car seat is perfect for smaller cars. It is slightly more than 200 hundred dollars but the very durable so where there are more children planned to be born it’s the best choice ever.

The SuperLATCH connectors are well tested for crashes up to the maximum weight of rear facing and forward facing positions. Cars equipped with LATCH connectors the seat can be installed in an easy and convenient way, moreover it’s rubber bottom part makes it impossible to move on the surface of the car seat while travelling.

Another very big positive side of the seat is that it is relatively low so the boarding of children is very easy and thanks to its slim design it is good for a big family because three of them has enough space in a car side by side on the back seat. So if you have triplets it’s the best choice you can make to make your children’s journey safe and comfortable.

If you have to transport the seat from place to place you will like this feature of this one, because it can be folded and this feature makes storing and transporting easier than ever. Last but not at least the seat can be used on airplane and this foldable feature makes boarding easier.

It can’t be found in a wide variety of color combinations but the two varieties can match with every car interior with its reserved and not harsh colors.

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4 Types of car seats for baby

  1. Stage one is called rearward facing baby seat. It is for babies up to 10 kg. Ages range from 0 to 9 months. Professionals say that up to 9 months old babies are better to sit rearward because there is a lower chance to get hurt in an accident that sitting frontward. These seats can be installed in the rear sear and of course in the front seat too, but if so, the passenger airbag must be deactivated. You need to change your baby’s seat if his face reaches the highest part of the seat or the weight maximum the car seat is designed for. At that time change it to a car seat from stage 2.
  2. Stage two is the so called forward facing seat. It is installed in the car forward facing in the back or the front seat. It is available for children up to 19 kg as for ages it is the best between 9 and 14 years old. These seats are equipped with all the important and necessary safety technology that can prevent children from being injured in a car accident. The seats have own seatbelts which provide good protection for the babies and do not let them fall out of the seats. The attachments are the legs makes the seats even more comfortable. Harness is the main part of protection in these seats. It is advisable to use this kind of seat until your little one outgrows it and then change it to a booster.

3-4. The next types of the car seats are the booster seats and the booster cushions. We’ve put them into the same category because they are very similar to each other. Although the booster seats are not being produced any longer the booster seats are very widely used by parents that have small or not that small children. This cushion can be used within the weight range of 15 and 36. These seats and cushions do not have inbuilt seatbelts, it uses the car’s seat belt to keep the children in the seat while travelling. But it is also very important that besides being within the weight range that children must be tall enough not to be harmed by the car’s own seat belt while travelling. It is very important because it’s not only comfortable if the seat belt is to tight or is too close to the neck, but it is very dangerous, because in case of accident the seat belt cannot do its job. If the this kind of seat doesn’t have a back, it mostly has side wings that can also provide side protection for children, and they are adjustable to change it as the child grows.

Convertible car seats are a little bit different from these types, and the biggest difference is that they include all these types, so it must be stated that convertibility makes life easier because we don’t have to choose another car seat for our children when they start growing. We simply get one of these excellent convertible seats that can be used as all the types need when you have a baby.

Let’s see what is the best choice for you.

As you could see the convertible car seats comprises all the features that the individual baby seats and children’s seat have making it easier and cheaper to have your kids to travel. Of course there are features that differ from each other but mostly every convertible car seats, at least these three, own the same positive and negative attributes.

7 things you should take in your mind, before buy a Baby Car Seat

      1. Safety

This must be the most important feature of a car seat because we buy them to prevent our kids from injuries in a car accident. The seats must be well connected to the car’s own seat and it must not slide on the surface. It is also important that children car seats must have protection from sides and have a very rigid frame underneath the comfortable surface. Leg supporters are also important not just for higher comfort but it can also provide some protection for children.

       2. Easy boarding

It is always a trouble to board the kids, because most of the time the size of the seat does not match the size of the car or the height of the kids. So when we have to take the little ones into the car we have to do some acrobatic tricks to have them seated and get buckled. These seats are not so high so boarding is very easy and the buckles and connectors make the installation of them very quick. They are not only easy to install but they are very comfortable for kids so they do not want to get out of them while you are trying to fasten the harness.

       3. Convertibility

The second most significant feature that you have to take into consideration is the convertibility of the seat, that is, how many positions they can be used. There are convertible car seats that have only two positions, mainly rear and front facing, but there are some brands that provide seat with higher variability and they are able to be used in three ways. They have the feature of the others plus they can be used as boosters, so that you don’t have to buy another seat when your child outgrows the seat.

        4. Weight

If you have only one car, or you have more seats it is not much of a problem, but if you cannot afford to buy more of them you may need to change them in your car or cars and it is very important that seat should be light so that you can carry it easily. The shape is almost as important as the weight because if it’s bulky you can carry harder. So it is the best if the seat can be folded and carried that way.

        5. Airplane compatibility

If you travel a lot by air it is very important to be able to use your children’s seat on a plane, too because it is much safer to put children in them while travelling, than travelling without. Although air accidents are rarer than car crashes we always have to be on the look out. But as for me car seats on a plane does not have the protection role, but rather a comfort role because those big seats for babies might be very uncomfortable mostly during longer journeys.

        6. Easy installation

You might often be in a hurry and you don’t want to lose time with installing your baby’s seat into your car. So these seats must be able to be easily installed and uninstalled from your car that can save you time when you are in a hurry. If your car has connectors that are compatible with those of the car seat it is the best, but if not, these products should provide solution for other users too.

        7. Requisite

If your car is not equipped with inbuilt children’s seat it is very important that the car seat you use fits into every type of vehicle, or at least into most of them. This is also important because if you your car it is a trouble to find the best seat fitting into.

Towards convertible car seats there are always fears from the customers’ side, because the multipurpose seats have to meet the same requirements as the single purpose ones, and it is very difficult to carry out. Personally I think that you don’t have to be afraid of buying a multipurpose convertible car seat because if they couldn’t meet the requirements they wouldn’t be on the market and be rated such high. On the other hand before you buy such equipment you need to check if the seat you want meets all the requirements because a bad choice can cause very serious consequences.


So basically if you have gone through the reviews you must have a wider view about the best convertible car seats and hopefully your decision have been made easier to make which type and brand you want to choose. If you have a clue which you want and which seat fits your income we highly recommend you to check the comments about the products which are from real buyers and users of the products and they may be able to give you a wider image about the product.

If you’ve made your choice you can narrow your selection to the lifestyle you live and the environment that surrounds you and you will surely choose the best convertible car seat that fits into them.

We do hope that you will be happy with your car seat and it will serve you and your kids for a very long time without accidents or damages. Have a good shopping, take your time and make the best decision.