A Guide to Purchasing Paper Shredders

Paper shredders are usually one of those things in the office that we think is not that important. Well, that is not true.. These days, the paper shredder can be your best friend. Why, you ask, because of all the identity theft going on. You can’t just throw bills, and other types of mail and papers in the trash anymore. There are people who will go through trash just to find their next victim. So, everyone needs a paper shredder.

So, when you are going to look for a paper shredder for your home, or office, you will need to keep some things in mind, and look for certain things. Below are some things to keep in mind when looking for that perfect paper shredder.

Paper shredders range in sizes, type, and of course, its price. Usually papers shredders are power by electricity. The most common type of shredder is the strip-cut or straight cut shredder. The paper is cut vertically into thin strips. These types of shredders are the less expensive. There not as good as some of the others, because if you only shred one sheet, it can be easily taped back together. So, you should shred quite a bit of sheets before throwing out the trash if this is the type you are going for.

Another type of paper shredder is the cross-cut or largely known as confetti-cut shredder. The paper is cut in shapes of rectangle, diamond or parallelogram. So, this type of shredding is very hard to reassemble. Although this type of shredder is expensive than the straight cut shredder, this type of shredder can help you destroy sensitive information to avoid any possible copy of that information. These types of shredders work better for businesses.

There are also hand held shredders that are available in the market. They are handy and you can carry it anywhere because it is battery operated. There are some that can only shred the standard sizes of papers. These types of paper shredders do not cost much, and will work great if you are going on business trips.

There are also shredders that cut cardboards. If you need to shred cardboard type paper, you will not be able to use the above shredders. Instead, you will have to purchase one that is designed for cardboard shredding.

There are also shredders that cut credit cards and DVD’s and CD’s. If you need a shredder for DVDs, CDs, and Credit Cards, you will also have to buy a shredder just for those. The above shredders are not strong enough to cut through these types of materials.

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